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Donations for the 2014 Winter Retreat

Winter Retreat Offering

Offering butter lamps, flowers, food, tea, Clothes for Ordained Sangha...

Offering Gold Leaf to Buddha

Benefits of Offerings to Buddha Statues

Having the karma to have faith in Buddha/Dharma gives us an incredible opportunity to accumulate an inconceivable amount of merit. This merit will eventually lead us to the state of full Enlightenment.

Generally, success in our everyday life depends on how much merit we have accumulated in the past lives. Merit also plays a very important role in our ability to actualize realizations of bodhicitta, emptiness and success of our tantric practices. It is crucial for all of us to create as much merit as possible, for this life and for future lives.

There is a very interesting story of conversation between Shakyamuni Buddha and Bodhisattva Manjushri. Once upon a time Manjushri asked Buddha Shakyamuni:

"One Gone Beyond, now you are the only object to whom sentient beings can make offering. After you pass into the sorrow less state, what will sentient beings do? How will they accumulate merit when they can't see Buddha any more? Please advise us."

And the Buddha gave him the following answer:

"My four followers, there is not one single difference between making offerings to me now and in the future, with devotion, making offerings to my reflections. The merit is equal and the result is equal. This is due to the blessings of Buddha. This is the reality, but ordinary beings whose minds are undeveloped cannot see these benefits."

Each offering: $100 U.S. dollars

Offering fund to save animal lives

Dog saving a baby monkey from 2011 Thailand flood.

During the big 2011 Thailand flood, this dog was saving a baby monkey's life, while trying for his own survival. We, who are in much better circumstances than this dog, can surely afford to extend similar compassion to less fortunate sentient beings. Please donate now to help save unlucky animals who otherwise would be killed for human food.

Donation by checks

Seattle and other places: make checks payable to Hungkar Dorje Rinpoche, Inc. and send to:
111 SW 301st Street
Federal Way, Washington 98023


Vanessa Nguyen
(206) 841-5469

San Jose:
Michelle Thuy Do (408) 828-0660 or Diep Nguyen (408) 910-1525

Việt Nam:
Nguyễn Thị Hiếu Thiện
Tel.: 09 8990 6962