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The Words of My Perfect Lama


"Even though you probably don't believe me and actually won't believe me until the moment is upon you, there is a bardo and there is a Lord of Death, Shinje Chokyi Gyalpo, who visits you at the moment of your death. ...It is extremely terrifying and frightenening and until that time comes, you still won't believe it. But when that moment comes, and it is going to come, you will feel tremendous regret because, even if you didn't like the dharma during your lifetime, you are going to need it at the moment of your death. So then, why not like it now and PRACTICE it while you have the opportunity to do so. At the time of your death, you will be filled with remorse and tears will well up in your eyes. You may even pass out with fear and regret. It makes sense to do something about it now and believe me there's nothing better you could do for yourself."

~His Holiness Orgyen Kusum Lingpa